Determined to Succeed

The Determined to Succeed initiative is designed to develop pupils' awareness and understanding of 'enterprise' and how this can positively effect their lives.

Please see our Enterprise in Education Policy for details.

At Wormit Primary School we place great importance in enterprise education and believe it to be an essential part of lifelong learning. We believe that involvement in enterprise in education provides opportunities for different kinds of learning within and across curricular areas. Enterprising learning and teaching approaches help children and young people to develop enterprising capabilities and to achieve their goals in all curricular areas. These approaches are characterised by being engaging, purposeful and relevant. Teachers use them to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and to motivate children so that they have the confidence to succeed. Features of enterprising teaching at Wormit Primary include the use of authentic ‘real-life’ contexts indirect teaching situations, active learning, formative assessment techniques, collaborative cross-curricular and cross-sectoral working and long-term planning to ensure progression. Features of enterprising learning include the development of critical thinking skills, learner ownership, experiential learning, cooperative activities and reflection on learning.We aim for pupils to experience an enterprise project each year with their class and to be exposed to an enterprise approach across curriculum.We aim to build and nurture the concept of enterprise throughout the school in order to equip children with the skills, understanding, confidence and creativity needed for their future working lives. 

Across the whole school children are developing skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life. From nursery to P.7 children are developing skills to enable them to work with others. This involves developing an increasing ability to communicate with others, negotiate, contribute ideas, listen to others ideas, problem solving, work together sharing out tasks, organising tasks, taking on different roles. The children develop the ability to reflect on these skills and identify what qualities they have and what they might do to further develop these skills. In all classes the children play a role in planning what is learned, how they are going to go about learning and are increasingly able to evaluate how they have done. They take their ideas forward and are self motivated.

The children throughout the school learn about different jobs through the many visitors we have in to the school in connection to topics e.g. health professionals, SSPCA and their work, librarian, Fire Service, Police etc.

Every child in Wormit Primary participates in enterprise activities each year.

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