Cool In School

Cool in School is a programme which involves children developing their skills and gives guidance on how to manage situations where someone is doing something you don't like.  They are given clear guidance about times when they can deal with situations by themselves and times when they must involve an adult.  This is taught through the experience of three children in story form with follow up activities and then 'Cool' skills are taught and practised throughout the programme. The programme is introduced in P.1 and then is developed in P.4. In P.2 and P.3 children continue to build on the Cool in School approach through discussion, relating to stories, talking through scenarios and encouraging children to identify if something is a 'big deal' or a 'little deal' and what they have done to try to resolve situations for themselves. This initiative forms part of our Restorative Approaches philosophy and has impacted positively on the children's ability to sort out minor differences and to think about how they can resolve situations for themselves and not always be reliant on an adult. 

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