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Consultation Diary - June 2018

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  • Started 18 Jun 18

    Draft Low Carbon Fife Supplementary Guidance

    Fife Council is consulting on new supplementary guidance on low carbon issues which will support the policies in Fife Local Development Plan (FIFEplan). The consultation will run... 
    Ended 17 Aug 18
  • Started 04 Jun 18

    Let's Talk - Local Choices - My Bishop's Court

    We want to improve Bishop’s Court and have set aside money to do this. We would like Kennoway residents to tell us how to spend this budget.... 
    Ended 22 Jun 18
  • Started 03 Jun 18

    St Andrews on street bin consultation

    Council Officers have been engaging with business owners in order to encourage a significant reduction in the presence of commercial waste and containers on St... 
    Ended 31 Aug 18
  • Started 01 Jun 18

    Draft Ceres Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

    This draft sets out the results of an appraisal of the special architectural and historic interest of the conservation area. The management plan section sets... 
    Ended 30 Jun 18
  • Started 21 May 18

    Have your say on subsidised South Fife bus services

    Bus users of South Fife are being asked to have their say on the future of subsidised bus services in their area. Fife Council Assets,... 
    Ended 03 Jul 18
  • Started 01 May 18

    PLace Survey 2018

    This survey is based around the Place Standard, a tool to evaluate the quality of a place. It consists of 14 questions which cover both... 
    Ended 06 Jun 18
  • Started 12 Apr 18

    Staff Survey Questionnaire

    This survey has been designed for practitioners and managers from across the workforce on behalf of the Child Protection Committee and the Children’s Services Partnership... 
    Ended 01 Jun 18
  • Started 23 Oct 17

    Older People's Services Home Care Teams Staff Survey

    This is a questionnaire aimed at employees in the Older People's Services Home Care teams. It is intended to ascertain the views of employees in... 
    Ends Ongoing
  • Started 01 Jan 17

    Fife Council Café Survey

    Fife Council operates a number of public cafés in various venues throughout Fife. If you have visited one of our cafés in the last year... 
    Ended 01 Apr 20
  • Started 01 Jan 17

    Fife Council Schools Catering and Cleaning Survey

    The Council provides catering and cleaning services within Fife primary and secondary schools. Your opinion on how and what we provide would be appreciated. 
    Ended 31 Mar 20
  • Started 03 Aug 16

    School Travel Plan Staff Questionnaire

    As part of your school travel plan please fill out this questionnaire which will establish travel habits of staff from your school. This information will... 
    Ended 01 Aug 19
  • Started 27 Jul 16

    School Travel Plan Parent & Pupil Questionnaire

    This questionnaire has been designed as part of your childs/ren School Travel Plan questionnaire. By filling out this questionnaire together you will be helping the school... 
    Ended 01 Aug 19
  • Started 01 Apr 16

    Having Your Say At Your Review

    Having Your Say At Your Review 
    Ends 31 Dec 23
  • Started 20 Mar 14

    Pedagogy Team

    It is important for the education service to consider the most effective way for the Pedagogy Team intervention to work and to evaluate the impact... 
    Ends Ongoing
  • Started 10 Jan 11

    Safelink Project Review

    This questionnaire is designed to provide a review of the Safeling project operated by Fife Cares from the point of view of the experience of... 
    Ends Ongoing
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