Provision, safe use and maintenance of work equipment OHS-C-24.G1

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Description This guide is aimed principally at managers, supervisors and those involved with risk assessment and procurement decision making. The subject matter of this guide is very broad and this document cannot provide comprehensive information on every work operation or item of work equipment. Those with responsibility for managing work activity may need to seek additional information from Industry and Trade Bodies, suppliers or installers, from installation and user manuals and from in-house specialists within Property Services, Corporate Health and Safety, Fleet Services and others. Effective delivery of Council Services is almost universally dependent on appropriate selection and the correct use and maintenance of work equipment. At the time of issue of this guide, inappropriate selection, use, or maintenance of work equipment continues to contribute to a significant proportion of our work-related incidents, injuries, and cases of industrial disease. "Work equipment" has a very broad definition and every Service will be involved with the selection, use or maintenance of work equipment to a greater or lesser extent.
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