Welcome to the Rimbleton Primary School website.

Rimbleton has proudly served this area of Glenrothes for over 50 years and formally opened in 1962. Currently we have 243 pupils from P1 - 7 and a further 98 in the Nursery when at capacity including provision for 2 year old children.  In addition to our 9 mainstream classes from P1 - 7, we also have 4 classes within our Additional Support Class (ASC), catering for pupils of primary age with significant additional learning needs.  The ASC serves Glenrothes and surrounding towns/villages.Our school is of traditional design and is "under one roof".  We are lucky to have large green areas within our school grounds and our pupils enjoy a variety of playground equipment including a recently installed trim trail.

During May 2012, Rimbleton Primary School was inspected as part of a national survey by HMIe  (click to view report) - you can also see supportive evidence such as final ratings and questionnaire results on this web page.

We encourage our pupils to "Think Rimbleton" at all times and aspire for our pupils to have the following qualities:

R - Respect

I - Independence

M- Motivation

B - Belief

L - Lifelong Learning

E - Excellence

T - Tolerance

O - Opportunity

N - Nurturing Care 

 Please feel free to get in touch or come into school to discuss any queries or concerns that you may have. I believe that having an open door policy is important in ensuring that we work together to get the best for our children.

I look forward to working with you and thank you for your ongoing support.

We appreciate this website will only provide you a brief overview of our school.  Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to know more. 


Kind regards

 Andrea Gordon


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