Travel Action Group

Strathkinness Primary School was one the the very first schools in Fife to successfully gain its Travel Action Charter.  Since those early days we have been responsible for helping making Strathkinness be a safer place to live in.  We have successfully campaigned for Strathkinness to become a 20's plenty zone and we now have traffic lights which allow us to cross safely at the Village Hall.

Each year the Primary 6 pupils do Cycle Proficiency Training.

In 2009 we  campaigned for thermoplastic matting to be installed around our village.  We met with Mr Hughes from Fife roads and planning, the Community & Parent Councils to hear their views.  Finally we presented our findings to the pupils at our school.  You can see from the photos above where the mats are to be installed.

Ellen Caton was chosen to front Fife Constabulary poster campaign.  Ellens picture along with three other photos has been chosen to be displayed in all Fife council buildings advertising the importance of the Police within the community.

In May 2010 the TAG ran a 20's plenty competition with PC Martin (Fife Constabulary).  Each class had a prize winner with the best poster judged to be Kate Ballantyne.  This poster will be used to help remind drivers of keeping to the speed limit.

In 2009 Matthew & Miranda attended the JRSO event at the Rothes Halls on Tuesday 18th of March.  They have brought back some great ideas for competitions!  Angus & Matthew represented the school in 2010.

In 2010 we invited Andrew Westwater to the school to speak to us all about safer routes to school.  Andrew spoke to all the classes.

In June 2010 we finally had our Thermoplastic matting laid.  This was the result of all our hard work in planning and consulting with the community!  Use the links below to see some of our hard work.

Cycling Proficiency Test

This year 2011 we decided to hold our cycling proficiency test earlier.  We are glad to report everybody in Primary 6 passed!  You can watch us practise on our Radiowaves link below:

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