School Aims


St John’s Primary puts the child at the centre of the curriculum. It aims to provide a continuity of experience to maximise the learning of each pupil through the structured experiences planned within the school environment.


Our wider aims are defined as follows:


1.   Curriculum


  • To present a broad and balanced curriculum using a variety of teaching styles and resources to ensure continuity and progression
  • To provide equal opportunities for all, valuing racial, ethnic and religious diversity, helping pupils to be socially aware, responsible citizens who have the ability to make informed choices and decisions.


2.   Attainment


·To ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential by promoting all round excellence through a range of appropriate challenges

·To raise attainment in relation to national 5-14 levels

·To aim to achieve the highest standards in all we do


3.   Learning and Teaching


·  To create a stimulating and challenging learning environment which will enable each pupil to achieve individual merit

·To motivate pupils to learn


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