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Welcome to Canmore Primary School.

We are an Eco School and are very proud to be one of the few schools in Fife to have attained 5 Green Flags.

We have a community garden maintained by our Eco-Committee and parents, grandparents & friends of Canmore.

In 2017, we redeveloped our garden, planting flowers then fruit and vegetables.  This year we will continue with our planting and build on the success of our fruit trees.


At Canmore, we have a 'CAN DO' attitude and no-one is allowed to say they 'can't do something.  If they must say this, they must add 'yet' to the end of their sentence as we have a growth mindset and firmly believe we can achieve anything if we only try hard.

We have worked with a company called 'Live'n'Learn' and one of the things we have learned through this mindfulness and wellbeing training is that 'Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard'.  We believe that people are not born with talent, they must work hard to develop and nurture it over time and only then will they be the best they want to be.


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