School Uniform



School uniform of Blazer, Black or Grey trousers or skirt, White shirt or blouse and School tie.

(All prefects have signed an agreement indicating their willingness to abide by this condition).

All other pupils

All of our pupils should wear school uniform, the school dress code is very simple.  

  • White Shirt or Blouse
  • School Tie
  • Black or grey trousers or skirt ( not jeans)
  • Dark Shoes

There is an expectation that each pupil will wear school dress identifying him/her clearly as a Woodmill pupil.  

The following items of school dress are available at the School Office:


Poloshirt                           30/32      £12.00

                     Small             34/36      £12.00

                     Medium         38/40      £12.00

                     Large             42/44      £12.00

                     X Large         46/48      £13.00




Sweatshirt                       30/32      £12.00

                   Small             34/36      £12.00

                   Medium         38/40      £12.00

                   Large             42/44      £12.00

                   X Large         46/48      £13.00


 Red Sports Top with Woodmill Logo in a variety of sizes - £9.00


Badge         £1.00  

Tie              £7.00          




Some forms of dress are unacceptable in school for health and safety reasons.

Schools cannot allow clothing which could cause health and safety dangers for pupils and staff.   Examples are clothing which could cause a risk in laboratories, workshops or other practical rooms.

In addition, certain jewellery and body piercings are also unacceptable in certain subjects.

FifeCouncil has issued policies in many of these areas which lay down school and parental responsibilities.

If you are in any doubt about the safety aspect of your child’s dress please check with the school.


Woodmill regards as unacceptable:

  • Clothing which could encourage rivalries (such as football strips/colours)
  • Clothing carrying symbols or slogans which might reasonably be regarded as offensive
  • Clothing which could cause damage or harm to persons or property
  • Denim jeans


What the school will do

  • Encourage pupils to identify with the school by wearing uniform
  • Involve pupils in the development of school uniform through such means as the Pupil Council
  • Provide all S1 pupils with a school tie
  • Encourage staff to promote the dress code
  • Publish our dress code in the school Prospectus
  • Give parents the opportunity to view samples of uniform and buy it in school
  • Encourage parents to support the dress code by consulting you and promoting the code through newsletters and school displays

What parents can do

  • Support the school by promoting the wearing of school uniform by your children
  • Raise any questions with staff or parent bodies such as the School Board

What pupils can do

  • Identify with Woodmill by wearing our uniform
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