House System

St Andrew's RC High School is divided into 3 Houses:

  • St David 
  • St Columba 
  • St Margaret  

The aims of the Guidance Department incorporate the following specific objectives which Guidance staff set themselves –

  • To know and be known by the pupils in their care.  To maintain close contact with those pupils, to cater for their various needs and to encourage their personal and social development.
  • To provide help and advice on matters relating to the curriculum.
  • To promote liaison and establish close links between the school and the home and between school and various support agencies.
  • To provide help and advice on matters relating to careers.
  • To maintain up-to-date records on all relevant matters which affect or pertain to the pupils in their charge.
  • To facilitate the transition of pupils from Primary school to Secondary.
  • To help provide and teach relevant courses on Personal and Social Education.
  • To play a pastoral and preventative role in the school’s disciplinary structure.
  • To assist and support staff in dealing with particular pupils.


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