Icy Conditions

Page last updated at 12:53 PM, Fri 11 Jan 2019

In icy conditions, Janitorial staff will prioritise the clearing of one pathway per school as an access route for all building users. This may not be your usual route into the school and it may not be the quickest route into the building. Our school janitor will also try to ensure that other main routes into the school are cleared and gritted and we have shown the areas that will be gritted on the map below.

Please be aware that should our normal janitor be off, we cannot guarantee that any routes, other than the main access route shown, will be cleared as the relief janitor will follow Fife Council policy and will prioritise the clearing of one main route into school.

In classes, staff regularly reinforce key messages about safety in the playground. During colder weather, this includes discussions about areas that may be affected by frost and ice.


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