Primary 6/7 Miss George

While school is shut...

Well done to pupils and parents who are working hard to continue with your learning at home, I am so proud of you!

While school is shut it is important that you check your Glow emails every day. 

I also love to hear your stories about what you have been doing with your families and some of the different independent learning activities that you have been enjoying, please keep sharing this news with me on Glow :) 

Resources for home learning

You can find our Blairhall Home Learning Booklet on the Learning at home page which has lots of ideas for learning activities to keep you busy.

I will post more ideas and resources for you in the coming days.

Stay safe everyone,

Miss George


Welcome to our page!  Miss George teaches P6/7.

Please see Glow emails and Teams pages for daily updates and tasks set for learning at home.

Our update this term was written by Morgan.

                                                             In term 2 we have done …    


In maths we have been Learning about different graphs such as bar graphs, line graphs, Venn diagrams, pie charts and there is a lot more. We also introduced the range the mode the median before term 3.


We learned how to write a piece of persuasive writing and what you need to make it persuasive. It was about persuading Miss George to get us leavers hoodies. We also did a little bit of factual writing.


We took my photo then zoomed in on it and that is what we drew. Most of us drew eyes though. We also done art on world wars and poppies.  We done detailed leaf art and compared it to p3/4/5 to see the difference on the quality and that our level of art skills should have gotten better than theirs.


We learned about climate change and how it is going to affect us and what we could do about it. We were also learning about young activists and what they are doing to help with climate change and Greta Thunberg is one of the most well known.


We went to Culross PS to learn about China and how to speak mandarin. Miss Han and Mr. Gong were teaching us it in a mandarin Confucius classroom it was very vibrant and had loads of posters and maps of China.                                    


We done country dancing the dances were the Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sargent and Strip the Willow. We also did games and some sports for warm up.

                                   Term 3 what we are going to do

We are planning to do world war 2 for our topic and we are going to go to the woods to find out how they use camouflage and how they survive. Maths is going to be decimals, percentages, and fractions. Also Miss Han or Mr. Gong is going to come back to teach us mandarin. Mrs Knight is teaching us science on every Monday morning. For writing we are going to get into imaginative pieces of writing and pieces of writing with all information. 

                                                                          Other News

Our gym days are Fridays so remember your gym kit. Reading homework will be going home on a Tuesday and must be completed and returned to school on a Thursday. 

Please follow us on Twitter @BlairhallPS to find out what we are learning!

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