Welcome to our school.

Blairhall School was opened in 1925 originally as a Secondary School but later became a Primary serving the ex-mining village of Blairhall and part of the village of Comrie and has a rural setting.

Blairhall Primary SchoolThe school has six classrooms, two of which are housed in hutted accommodation alongside the nursery. 

There is a kitchen, dining room, resource hall and a gymhall which was built in 2006. 

There is a large playground comprising both grass and tarmac areas. Over the past few years garden plots, seating and games have been developed within the playground area. We have also been invovled in the 'Grounds for Learning' project which has led to the development of our outside space.

The school overlooks a large grass field which is used for sporting activities. 

The school is well supported by Parent Council. Staff, pupils and parents.

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