The staff includes:

Headteacher - Mrs Lorna Bernard

Depute Headteacher (Acting) - Mrs Sarah Ewart

Principal Teacher - Mrs Sharon Logie

Nursery- Miss Dawn Cochrane  

Primary 1- Miss Robyn Cuthbert

Primary 1/ 2 - Mrs Julie Beers

 Primary 3 - Miss Mirren Freeland

 Primary 4 - Mrs Kathryn McSkimming

Primary 5 - Mrs Kirsten Fenton

 Primary 6 - Miss Helen Booth

 Primary 7 - Mrs Louise Baker and Mrs Sharon Logie

Nursery - Mrs Claire Adam , Mrs Diane Goldsmith, Mrs Helen Clarkand Mrs Sandra Watson

Pupil Support - Mrs Linda McFadden, Miss Brianna Bowmaker, Mrs Dawn McKnight and Mr Ewan Cameron

School Support - Mrs Fiona Nutt

Support for Learning -  Mrs Susan Seaborne

Admin - Mrs Rosie Caldwell ; Clerical - Mrs Linda Gillespie

Janitor - Mr Craig Herriot 

Dinner Ladies - Mrs Janette Hepburn

School Crossing Patrol - Mr Robert Nicholson


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