School Travel Plan

Page last updated at 11:53 AM, Thu 26 Nov 2015

School Travel Plan Survey

 Primary 5/6 are soon going to begin work on creating a School Travel Plan for Blairhall.  This is a document that considers the ways that we currently travel to school and aims to support safe and sustainable travel to and from school.

Before we begin to work on this, there is some information that we need to gather.  This will help us to identify, through a whole school survey, how our pupils, staff and parents who bring their children to and from school, are currently travelling.

 It will also provide an opportunity for you to tell us about the best way for you to travel to and from the school and about any problems you currently face.  This information will be used to identify the key issues and will allow the Primary 5/6 pupils to decide what is needed to improve our journeys to and from school.

 Can we please ask that you take a few minutes of your time to complete the parent survey online at by clicking this link.

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