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Beware as the sun goes down for the horror that blocks your path.
He lives in DEMON LAKE where no humans dare to go!
As the dusk casts on the valley, the horror wakes again.
He crawls out of the demoned lake to haunt whom he pleases.
As he seeks to find his prey, he sets his eyes on Caulder village where he chooses to haunt once again.
As I lie awake in bed I hear the door creek, I feel a cold breath against my cheek and as turn my head, two bulging red eyes stare me in the face, hundreds of razor teeth.
He lunges with great force and that is the last thing I ever saw!



At dawn I walked through the valley of sleep.I heard his echoy calls.
The spirit of night was still awake; his spell was being called.
He was cursing the sun for blocking him out.
I couldn’t hear his footsteps, for he does not walk, he hovers.
His heavy breathing came towards me then I could see his face, his staring eyes looking straight at me.
His hooked nose was on to my scent: his wrinkly lips, his short ruffled hair and his dark cloak.
If you were not too close you could say the hood covered his face.
His cave was by the shadowy pools.
It had gruesome reflections of his face.
If you were used to him you would know how dangerous and frightening he was.
He reminds me of horrifying dreams.
Some are his slaves, for they get close but I stay in the bushes all-alone.



Watch out for the Prince of Darkness,
He’s a very formidable fellow.
He’s eerie; he’s a complete monster,
He’s the Prince of Darkness.

Watch out for his devil horns,
And his tangled hair,
His red, mauve, ruby, evil eyes,
Stare out from his lair.

His swishing cloak makes not a sound,
And as for his weight,
He weighs nothing but a pound,
And he’ll decide your fate.

His only foe is the Prince of Sleep,
And if Darkness gets his way,
He’ll transport you to his lair,
Which is Nightmare Bay.

Or he might swoop down on you,
And freeze you to the spot,
You’ll stay in that position till,
Dawn comes and you get hot.

Watch out for the Prince of Darkness,
He’s a very frightening fellow.
He is eerie; he’s a monster,
He’s the Prince of Darkness.

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