Digital Literacy - 'The Tech Team'

Page last updated at 4:21 PM, Tue 06 Oct 2020

Digital Literacy

As part of our drive to become a Digital School and achieve the coveted status of being one of a select few schools in Scotland to be awarded with a 'Digital Schools Award', some of our pupils have joined our 'Tech Team'. Congratulations to the successful candidates.

Digital Schools Awards is a national awards scheme to promote, recognise and encourage a whole school approach to the use of digital technology in schools. The Digital Schools Award Scotland is a 3-step programme to help schools assess progress and recognise excellence in the use of digital technology at nursery, primary, special education and secondary level while providing practical support and encouragement. 

Our Tech Team are currently working on producing a series of short training videos for both pupils and staff to answer those frequently asked questions about how to fix a range of tecnnical problems. At the end of the day it is their responsibility to ensure that all 'tech' is safely stored and made ready for the next day's learning.

More information on the Digital Schools Award can be found at the following link.




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