Primary 4

In Primary 4 we have been learning about how to use description to improve our writing and make it more interesting. Adjectives, adverbs, simile and onomatopoeia have helped us create pieces of writing on winter and Scottish themes.


In maths we are covering strategies for addition and subtraction, including empty number line and partitioning (or the split strategy). Why not challenge your Primary 4 pupil to make up some addition and subtraction problems and teach the strategies to you at home?


For the school’s Scottish assembly in January we learned the song “Call it Alba” by Alan Murray. It lead us on a tour around Scotland and through some of its history. The song had an encore performance at the Fife Festival of Music, with Primary 5 joining us to sing it and “Music Makes the World go Round.” Judging by the children’s diaries of their Music Festival experiences there were plenty of nerves on the day, so we are really proud of everyone’s efforts in learning the songs and performing them so well at Carnegie Hall!

Thanks to everyone at home and to the children for putting so much energy into learning our Scot’s language poem, “Graffiti”, by Janet Paisley. Everyone had a chance to recite it to the class or to a smaller group, and it was performed at the Scottish assembly by two very enthusiastic children.


We plan to round off our Scottish topic by baking Dundee cake in early February. I don’t know if you will get to try any - it might not make it home with the children! However, they have been creating menus of Scottish foods and finding out what foods are produced here, so maybe they can help you make up a shopping list and cook a Scottish themed meal at home.


We participated in some “citizen science” and joined in with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ Big Schools Bird Watch in January. To get ready for it, we reviewed what birds we were likely to see around the school grounds, learned how to use binoculars, and made bird feeders to attract some birds for our count day. The bird we saw the most of on the day were carrion crows with an average of 43 birds! We saw 2-3 of wood pigeons, blue tits, starlings and a few others. We continue to fill up our feeders to see who is using them. 


We have enjoyed having Miss Summers in class during her 5-week placement. We wish her all the best with her continued studies as she trains to be a teacher!

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