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Strathkinness Winter JacketStrathkinness PS SweatshirtUniform

All Fife Schools now have a dress code which ensures that pupils dress in a way which is appropriate to attendance at school. After consultation with staff, student council and P.T.A. the following dress code has been agreed for Strathkinness Primary School:

Boys Girls
Sweatshirt Sweatshirt
Trousers Black/Grey Skirt/Trousers Black/Grey
Shirt/Polo Shirt White/Pale Blue Shirt/Polo Shirt White/Pale Blue
Sensible footwear
School Winter Hat and Jacket

Uniform is ordered online from 



  1. Jeans and denim jackets and/or T-shirts are not suitable during the school day.
  2. Shoes should be 'sensible'. For reasons of safety they should have flat heels. It is also important for health and safety reasons that shoes worn outdoors must not be worn in the gymnasium. A student who wears "trainers" outdoors must have a pair of gym shoes for Physical Education.
  3. No student should be sent to school wearing clothes which are unacceptable in respect of hygiene and/or decay.
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