School Uniform

We are delighted by the numbers of pupils who wear our school uniform and with the numbers of parents who support our dress code.  However, if you are in any way unsure about our dress code, here is a quick reminder.  We try to keep it as simple as possible by keeping to black and white.

Pupils should wear the following:

  • Black dress trousers or skirt. Parents are reminded that treggings, jeggings, leggings, jeans, cargo trousers, shorts or tracksuit bottoms are not acceptable.
  • A white stiff collared school shirt (polo shirts for PE only).
  • A plain black top which allows the school tie to be seen (no logos or designer names, please).
  • A school tie (The knot of the tie should be at the shirt collar).
  • Black shoes.
  • All pupils must wear a blazer. S6 prefects must wear a braided school blazer.

We’d also like to remind parents that the following items of clothing are NOT acceptable to our dress code and so should not be worn to school – jeans, including black jeans, tracksuit bottoms (except for PE), white trainers (except for PE) football tops, tops with offensive slogans, low-cut tops, large hoop earrings, facial piercing jewellery, brightly coloured shoes.

As a school we believe that uniform is an important aspect of school safety as it means that we can identify our own pupils very quickly.  It is also important for letting our pupils share a sense of belonging to our school community.  Our school uniform has been highly praised by many people, including the Director of Education.  We believe that our pupils and our school are the best and we want them to wear their uniform with pride.

School ties can be purchased at the general office: Senior ties are £4.60 and Junior ties are £4.10. are the suppliers of our school blazers. These come with an embroidered school badge at a very competitive price.  We have a special area of their website for parents/carers to purchase these blazers.  They cost £19.50 + £3 delivery for up to age 11/12 sizes and £20.50 + £3 delivery for bigger sizes.  You can also reach this page by accessing the website and searching for St Andrew’s RC High School by entering the school post code KY1 3JL.

Braiding for S6 Prefects blazers is available from the school for £5.10 for the 4.5m length required and we have an arrangement with Threads at Glenrothes Bus Station for the sewing on of this braiding for £25.40.

Alternatively, embroidered school badges that can be sewn onto the left chest pocket of a plain black blazer can be purchased from the General Office for £7.10.

Blazers embroidered with school badge  Total cost (incl £3 delivery)

Braiding 4.5m (available from school office)

Sewing on of braiding at "Threads" (Glenrothes bus station)

Total cost

Age 11/12





All other sizes





S6 Prefects





Small stock of pre-badged & braided blazers (Girls/Boys) available from school @ £54.00

Small stock of Boys pre-badged blazers available from school @ £22.50/£23.50


* Sewing on of braiding during Coronavirus closures can be arrange by purchasing braiding from ipayimpact and calling Gillian at Threads on 07901 718340




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