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Page last updated at 10:35 AM, Thu 19 Mar 2020

These books from Education Scotland for parents and carers of children from birth to 6 years, are designed to highlight that daily life is bursting with many learning opportunities for your child right from the moment of birth. Whether you are tidying up, getting dressed, going shopping or preparing a meal, you can find valuable learning possibilities for your child everywhere you look. 

These books will help you to see and make the most of these possibilities so that every day becomes a learning day. Even the most routine tasks can lead to learning which is not only enjoyable, but helps to give your child the very best start in life! 

As a nation, Scotland recognises the importance of health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy as key to building positive lives. As a parent or carer, these books below are to help you maximise your child’s life chances now and in the future.

Please find below some activities you may wish to try at home.

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