The 2019/2020 staff includes:


Mr David Green

Depute Headteacher

Depute Headteacher


Mrs Sofia McGarry

Mr James McGimpsey (Acting)



Nursery Teacher - Miss L Swales

Early Years Lead Officer - Miss L McKay

Early Years Officers - Mrs A Grieve, Miss C Seath, Mrs F Coventry, Mrs D Laird, Miss K Price and Mrs S Jenkins

Early Years Apprentice - Miss N Kelly

Early Entrants Early Years Officers - Mrs D Koczubik and Miss J Brown. 

Learning Centre 

Class Teachers -  Mrs S Blair, Mrs H McAlpine, Mrs K Henderson and Miss E MacQueen 

Pupil Support Assistants - Mrs E Trotter, Mrs A Park, Ms J Mizrak, Miss H Blackwood Miss L Sheldon and Mrs S Wilkie

  Mrs H Buist
  Miss C Walker
  Miss J Wood
  Mrs C Mayes
  Mrs W Munnoch
  Miss K Lochery
  Mrs K Strong
  Mrs N Trainer 
  Miss D Liddle
  Mrs L Ward
Nurture Room  Mr D McTurk
Learning Support Mrs H Falconer
NCCT/Raising Attainment Mr A Smith, Mrs C Wright 
 Pupil Support Assistants

Ms E Allan, Mrs T Mears, Mrs J Curran

Mrs E Robertson, Mrs F Wilson, Miss K McDougall

Mrs A O'Hare and Mrs S Kinnear

Office Mrs K Bell and Miss L Suttie 
Janitor Mr M Peat


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