Glenwood High School - Curriculum for Excellence


Every child and young person in Scotland is entitled to experience a Broad General Education (BGE). This BGE takes place from the early years to the end of S3 and is represented by learning across all of the experiences and outcomes to the third curriculum level together with those selected for study at the fourth, as far as is consistent with each child or young person’s needs.

Pupils at Glenwood High School experience a very broad learning experience in S1. Breadth must be maintained in S2/3 as part of the BGE but pupils will be given the opportunity to have greater personalisation and choice by selecting some of their subjects.At the end of S3, pupils will enter the Senior Phase.

Entitled to Experience

 As part of Curriculum for Excellence all young people are entitled to experience:

 A coherent curriculum from 3 to 18 with smooth progression through Experiences and Outcomes.

A broad general education from age 3 to the end of S3, covering all of the Experiences and Outcomes across all Curriculum Areas up to and including the third level, and further Experiences and Outcomes at the fourth level, to provide greater specialisation and depth.

A senior phase of education after S3 which provides opportunities to obtain qualifications as well as other planned opportunities to continue to develop the four capacities.

Opportunities to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work with a continuous focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.

Personal support to enable them to gain as much as possible from the opportunities which Curriculum for Excellence can provide

Support in moving into positive and sustained destinations beyond school








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