Child Flu Vaccination Update - 07/11/19

Published on Tue 29 Oct 2019

UPDATE - 07/11/19

There continues to be issues in the supply of the nasal flu vaccine for children aged 2-17.

NHS Fife is prioritising vaccination for pre-school children and young people with underlying health conditions, who are at greatest risk of the effects of the virus.

Earlier this week we informed all schools in Fife that the flu vaccination programme would continue as planned for all children in Primary 1-3 and would be postponed for those in Primary 4-7, until the vaccine supply issue has been resolved.

A small improvement in the availability of the nasal flu vaccine has enabled us to now offer vaccination to all children in Fife in Primary 1-4.

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There is a UK-wide issue in the supply of the nasal flu vaccine, which has affected supplies here in Fife.

Younger children are at greater risk of the effect of flu and are more likely to spread the virus to others. It is for this reason that the following groups will be vaccinated first:

  • Pre-school children aged 2-5 years old;
  • Children in Primary 1-3; and
  • Children with underlying health conditions.

Prioritising these groups prevents NHS Fife for having to postpone vaccination across whole schools and means every school in Fife will have some protection against flu.

As the supply of the vaccine improves, NHS Fife intends to offer mop-up clinics to schools and communities throughout Fife for those children aged primary 4 to 7 not yet vaccinated.

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