Employee communication and consultation




Effective 2-way communication between employees and managers and supervisors should be an integral part of our everyday business and service delivery. We should encourage feedback from employees on health and safety matters – and act on it.


In a health and safety context, this is essential to ensure safe systems of work are implemented and maintained (via information, instruction, training, and normal briefing channels) and to support the development of a positive health and safety culture. Positive communication builds trust and joint ownership in doing the job safely. This builds on the general principles expressed in the Council’s How we work matters Framework:


  • Take ownership
  • Focus on customers
  • Work together
  • Embrace technology & information
  • Deliver results


Fife Council recognises the legal requirement to consult with employees on certain health and safety matters. We also recognise the wider benefits of effective consultation, e.g.


  • Greater awareness and commitment – because workers who have been actively involved in how health and safety decisions are made will better understand the decisions.
  • Positive working relationships – because understanding the views of others leads to greater co-operation and trust.


Effective consultation involves the people who manage or control the work and those who carry out (or are affected by) the work.  By drawing on the knowledge and experience of our workers, more informed decisions can be made about how the work can be carried out safely.


Our Corporate Consultation Guide (OHS-C-31.G1) provides information relevant to managers and our employees on effective methods and minimum standards for effective consultation with employees on health and safety matters.Your Service Management Team will develop specific and appropriate arrangements whcih best suit the Service and this may involve more than one method of consultation.



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