Skin Surveillance


Skin conditions arising from occupation hazards can be extremely debilitating. Left unchecked, this can prevent employees undertaking their normal duties. Some conditions become irreversible and seriously effect individual health and lifestyle.


It is imperative that all employees at risk are identified via your Risk Assessment processes.  Consideration should not be limited to chemicals and “hazardous substances”, e.g.  Managers and supervisors should bear in mind that constant or repeated immersion of the hands in water can ultimately result in irritant contact dermatitis.


Where the risk assessment identifies that there is exposure to a substance known to be associated with skin disease and where there is reasonable likelihood that the disease may occur arrangements for skin health surveillance must be established.


The Guidance document below sets out methods by which a skin health surveillance programme can be implemented, and a form for recording individual skin surveillance is available below. This form is the preferred method of recording unless records are being maintained for your Service by our Occupational Health Provider. Our OH provider (PAM) will maintian the records where an employee has been referred for a clinical check after a potential issue has been idebtified by a responsible person.


If you do need to refer an employee for a clinical check, you make the referral via PAM's portal OHIO, which is available through this link..If you are a manager, are logged into a council PC and follow this link you do not need to log in, unless you use Chrome browser.

If you are logged out or met with a login page for some other reason, then your username is your email address, not your council login name. The password is your current council one.


Attached to this page are 2 guides: please read them prior to trying to make the referral as they explain the 2 stages you need to go through. First step is to add 'Skin Assessments' to the employee's record, using the 'Create an Employee HS Profile' guide. Once you have done that, you can make the referral: the 'Create a Health Surveillnce Referral' guide takes you through that process.

When making the referral, please use the comment box to describe the issue you have identified e.g. broken skin left ring finger, rash on back of right hand.


Under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) cases of occupational dermatitis are to be reported if a person’s work involved significant or regular exposure to a known skin sensitiser or irritant is reportable to the Health and Safety.

Please contact the Corporate Health and Safety Team if you require more information.


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