Confined Spaces

Confined Space Worker

Confined Space Worker


A “Confined Space” is a work space such as a tank, duct, chamber, well, trench, pipe, sewer (etc.), which, particularly because of its enclosed nature, may give rise to certain reasonably foreseeable specified risks, i.e.

  •  serious injury arising from a fire or explosion.
  •  loss of consciousness arising from an increase in body temperature.
  •  loss of consciousness or asphyxiation arising from gas, fume, vapour or lack of oxygen.
  •  drowning arising from an increase in the level of liquid.
  •  asphyxiation arising from a free flowing solid or the inability to reach a respirable (breathable) environment due to entrapment by a free flowing solid.

Our work cross Fife Council often involves confined space issues (in certain areas of our buildings and in the wider environment). It is important that we identify these areas, eliminate or reduce the need for access, and control that access to authorised persons only.

Confined spaces in our workplace buildings must be identified by appropriate signage, locked, and have appropriate permission systems (usually a ‘Permit to Work’ to enable authorised access.

Our  Standards and  Guidance document (below) provides an overview of requirements to manage confined spaces and confined space work, with additional information for designers.

Please contact the Corporate Health and Safety Team if you require further information.



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