Infection Control at Work


 Information on dealing with specific infections in different settings can be found through the links below:

Note: Some Services have their own policies and procedures to ensure specific standards are met.  

Health Protection Agency Infection Factsheets provide fact sheets on common infections in the general public.  Schools and Social Care may find these particularly useful.


HSE Information and Guidance on Occupational Infections - The HSE provide common sense advice in specific occupations to help manager assess risks to employees.


 Health Protection Scotland National Infection Control Manual - for Healthcare settings.May contain useful information for Social Care settings including what is commonly called Universal Precautions.


Sharps injuries - Although this is predominantly aimed at healthcare the basic principles can be applied to all occupations



If you are stuck by a needle, or blood contact with broken skin:

  •  Allow the wound to bleed
  • Wash with soap and running water
  • Do not suck the wound.




 Arrange for follow-up appointments (via OHIO Management referral) by speaking to your manager.






Guidance for Managing a Gastroenteritis Outbreak or Body Fluid Spill.

If there is small body fluid spillage then this can easily be dealt with locally:

  • Cover any cuts with a waterproof dressing and put on disposable rubber gloves (marigold gloves are fine) and apron.
  • Cover the affected area with something absorbent (paper towels, cat litter, absorbent granules)
  • Clear up the absorbent material and any residual dirt or organic matter.
  • Wash the area with hot soapy water
  • Apply disinfectant and leave for 10 minutes (or as per manufactures instructions)
  • Wipe down area with a clean cloth/paper towel and hot water or sanitiser.
  • Throw out all cloths and gloves used.  Clean any mops or non-disposable equipment.


Stores can be contacted for details of available disinfectants and sanitisers.


If you have a significant illness outbreak or significant body fluid spill within your workplace;

  • Take care of and isolate the individual to prevent spreading the infection to others (First Aid room or other appropriate location). 
  • Move people away from the affected area or close the area off.
  • Contact the Cleaning Support Team Supervisor on 07985761903 for advice or to arrange specialist cleaning.


For further information on preventing the spread of illness you can call the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Duty Officer on 456738.









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