Fire Safety



Owners, Employers, Managers and others occupying non-domestic premises have duties to prevent fire and reduce the effects of a fire on the premises. This advice topic is designed to assist Managers and others who have control over premises to fulfil these duties.

Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 require employers to:

  • Carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment (FSRA)
  • Identify the significant findings and persons at risk
  • Provide and maintain necessary fire precautions
  • Provide fire safety information, instruction and training to employees

These revised Fire Safety Regulations place particular emphasis on:

  • Self assessment- employers decide what their premises need (within guidelines)
  • Self compliance- employers and employees monitor and maintain fire safety control measures
  • Co-operation– the Fire Service assists and advises employers how to achieve compliance (but will not do the assessment for you)

In accordance with Fife Council’s Health and Safety Management Framework, local responsibility to ensure that the FSRA is carried out, and any actions completed, will usually rest with the designated Person in Control (PIC). 

The Person in Control: 

  • Ensures that the FSRA is carried out
  • Ensures staff are informed of findings
  • Plans and initiates any remedial work
  • Manages staff fire safety training and system maintenance
  • Ensures regular reviews of the Fire Safety Risk Assessment (reports significant findings to original assessor)


Fire Authority Intervention Protocol:

If your Service receives any formal correspondence, visit, or other enforcement intervention from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service relating to your premises please contact the Fire Safety Consultant as soon as possible.


Internal Information

A comprehensive range of fire safety statutory and information notices and signs are available from Fife Council's Central Print Unit. Please refer to Central Print Units own Information pages or contact for up-to-date information.


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