Vibration - Managing Exposure

Fife Council's Corporate Procedures and supporting Guidance detail the arrangements and preventive and protective measures to be applied to ensure that vibration exposure arising from both Hand-arm Vibration and Whole-Body Vibration are adequately managed and controlled.

About Hand-Arm Vibration:

Poorly managed use of hand-held power tools or equipment, hand-held impact equipment, or processes involving hand-feeding of work pieces into powered machinery (e.g. wood working machinery) can result in exposure to harmful levels of vibration.

Over time, exposure may give rise to occupational injury such as ‘vibration White Finger’ or carpal tunnel syndrome. In this context, such injuries are generally collectively referred to as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).


About Whole-Body Vibration:

Whole-body Vibration (WBV) occurs when a person’s body is supported on a vibrating surface. This is most likely when sitting on the seat of a moving vehicle or other form of transport, or when operating ride-on vibrating or impact machinery.

WBV can be caused by:

  • movement of the wheels or tracks of a vehicle or mobile machine crossing an uneven surface such as: unmade roads in rural areas; Forklift Truck Operations outside in yards, depots and compounds; Skip and container handling in recycling centres. At construction sites (dumper trucks and rigid body trucks) or other unmade ground in parks or countryside (tractors or quad-bikes)
  • using mobile machines to excavate holes or trenches in difficult ground or to load materials such as sand or gravel into lorries;
  • operating ride-on road-rollers and similar compactors
  • operating large static compaction, hammering or punching machines, such as mobile crushers.

The Corporate Procedures below are formal extensions to Fife Council's Corporate Health & Safety Policy. These Procedures apply to all relevant tasks and activities undertaken directly by Fife Council employees (including trainees). OHS-C-18 applies with limited scope to non-employee groups, e.g. Social Work client groups.



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