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Use links to the latest employee updates below. See the sub menu for all our guidance, FAQs and staff reference material during this period.

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NEW! - all CEO video messages since beginning of lockdown have been added to a YouTube playlist. If you click in top right corner of this video you can scroll through a menu and pick any date to play. Easy to catch up if you've been off work for a week!

22 September staff update - Summary of the new restrictions announced today

18 September staff update - Protect Scotland app, prepare for self-isolating, staff survey, get your feet, learning and check who has access to your calendar

11 September staff update - ‘rule of six', Protect Scotland app, updated risk assessment tool, managing performance in a virtual world, self developmen, health and wellbeing, ACT to keep our buildings and staff secure

4 September staff update - Common cold and Covid-19 symptoms, customer service re-opens, voluntary early retirement and redundancy policies, armed forces and veterans awareness e-learning, absence reporting reminder, spotlight on learning, health and wellbeing....

28 August staff update - reporting sickness, Shared Service Desk, what to do if you suspect Covid, negative Covid test result, Teams etiquette, testing for school staff, spotlight on learning, health and wellbeing...

21 August staff update - lockdown update, the rules, community facilities, own device work arounds, how we work matters, wellbeing, learning…

14 August staff update - severe weather, rules for coming to work, face coverings in communitiy facilties, Café Café restaurants, testing on demand for education staff , FACTS in the school setting, youth employability, advice for new and expectant mums, health and wellbeing and e-learning for all staff

10 August CEO video message with Carrie Lindsay - see playlist embedded above

10 August staff update - annual leave, face coverings, care home visiting, FACTS advice, exam results, health and wellbeing and spotlight on - planning and organising

31 July staff update - continuing phase 3, but confirmation of full-time school returns and end of shielding, change to self-isolation periods, updated risk assessment template, quarantine, health and wellbeing, spotlight on learning 

24 July staff update - face coverings at work, computers at home, shielding, schools, negotiation skills and more news

17 July staff update - broadband offers, care home day, new HSC staff helpline, CEO message, problem solving, wellbeing

16 July CEO video message - things everyone should hear from today's committee meeting

10 July staff update - phase 3 announced, safe working practices, quarantine, shielding, looking after children over summer, mental health first aiders, casual workers, news bites, health & wellbeing and spotlight on learning.

10 July CEO video message

3 July staff update - easing of lockdown, childcare contingency plans, TOIL, council data, meetings, business travel, AboutMe status, EU setttlment scheme & motivation

2 July CEO video message - it's holiday time, but not as we know it...

26 June CEO video message - how fast plans can change

26 June staff update - test and protect, annual leave, first aiders, lone workers, health & wellbeing and MyToolkit

19 June staff update - Scot Gov Phase 2 & council route map, childcare options, working in schools, cleaning, working with a council device, wellbeing, scammers

19 June CEO video message - phase two begins
15 June staff update: Questions, returning to workplaces & induction, temporary home working guidance, special leave, foreign travel, new term dates, employee benefits

12 June CEO video message - your questions answered

5 June CEO video message - the practicalities of planning a recovery

4 June Staff update: preparing our buildings for physical distancing, arrangements to furlogh staff, celebrating all Fife's volunteers, check your absence calendar, news headlines, spread the cost of new tech, spotlight on learning: training & reflection

29 May CEO staff video message - welcome to phase one

28 May Staff update: careful and cautious, review of HR guidance, test and protect, keeping connected, FOI requests and training for all staff

21 May Staff update: easing out of lockdown from next week, back to school plans, online committee meeting, spotlight on learning and mental health awareness week.

18 May Staff update: staff survey results, symptoms of Covid-19, testing, guidance for education and childcare settigns, mental health awareness week and learning website open to all

15 May CEO staff video message

11 May Staff update: stay home, testing for business-critical staff, updating about me and thanks for completing the staff survey

7 May CEO staff video message 

7 May Staff update: annual leave guidance, staff testing, planning for restrictions easing, Scot Gov plan to supplement Carer's Allowance, Health & wellbeing news, public holiday tomorrow

5 May Staff update: rememember to update your aboutMe status, learning from home, NHS is open, questions about council services, Scot Gov strategy

1 May CEO staff video message

30 April Staff update, staying safe, well-being support, face coverings, testing and out of office messages

27 April: Staff update, public holiday, staff survey and keeping connected.

24 April CEO staff video message

23 April: Staff update, Scottish Government update, casual/supply workers, data sharing, health and wellbeing and stay at home.

20 April: Staff update, casual and supply workers, managing annual leave, message thanks and PPE guidance (non-healthcare settings)

17 April: CEO staff video message

17 April: Staff update, what you can do if you can't work, more asthma clarification, watching brief for supply staff, working extra hours, wellbeing tips

14 April: Staff update giving further guidance on recording Covid related absence/home working and advice on underlying conditions – asthma

13 April: Staff update on recording Covid related absence/home working, clarity on social care pay rise and BSL update

10 April: CEO staff video message

9 April: Staff update on expectations of the Council workforce and recording absences including working from home

7 April: Staff update on Domestic Abuse and FAQs

3 April: CEO staff video message

2 April: Staff update on Annual Leave, Childcare Vouchers, Volunteering and support from Occupational Health

31 March: Team Fife. Our Joint response to Covid-19

30 March: Staff update on Time for Talking and the Health and Wellbeing Newsletter

27 March: CEO staff video message






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