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Use links to the latest employee updates below. See the sub menu for all our guidance, FAQs and staff reference material during this period.

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29 May CEO staff video message - welcome to phase one

28 May Staff update: careful and cautious, review of HR guidance, test and protect, keeping connected, FOI requests and training for all staff

21 May Staff update: easing out of lockdown from next week, back to school plans, online committee meeting, spotlight on learning and mental health awareness week.

18 May Staff update: staff survey results, symptoms of Covid-19, testing, guidance for education and childcare settigns, mental health awareness week and learning website open to all

15 May CEO staff video message

11 May Staff update: stay home, testing for business-critical staff, updating about me and thanks for completing the staff survey

7 May CEO staff video message 

7 May Staff update: annual leave guidance, staff testing, planning for restrictions easing, Scot Gov plan to supplement Carer's Allowance, Health & wellbeing news, public holiday tomorrow

5 May Staff update: rememember to update your aboutMe status, learning from home, NHS is open, questions about council services, Scot Gov strategy

1 May CEO staff video message

30 April Staff update, staying safe, well-being support, face coverings, testing and out of office messages

27 April: Staff update, public holiday, staff survey and keeping connected.

24 April CEO staff video message

23 April: Staff update, Scottish Government update, casual/supply workers, data sharing, health and wellbeing and stay at home.

20 April: Staff update, casual and supply workers, managing annual leave, message thanks and PPE guidance (non-healthcare settings)

17 April: CEO staff video message

17 April: Staff update, what you can do if you can't work, more asthma clarification, watching brief for supply staff, working extra hours, wellbeing tips

14 April: Staff update giving further guidance on recording Covid related absence/home working and advice on underlying conditions – asthma

13 April: Staff update on recording Covid related absence/home working, clarity on social care pay rise and BSL update

10 April: CEO staff video message

9 April: Staff update on expectations of the Council workforce and recording absences including working from home

7 April: Staff update on Domestic Abuse and FAQs

3 April: CEO staff video message

2 April: Staff update on Annual Leave, Childcare Vouchers, Volunteering and support from Occupational Health

31 March: Team Fife. Our Joint response to Covid-19

30 March: Staff update on Time for Talking and the Health and Wellbeing Newsletter

27 March: CEO staff video message






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