Violence: Reduction of Work-related Violence

Information for all Fife Council employees, managers and supervisors

At Fife Council, we  recognise that the nature of  the Services we provide may occassionally place employees at increased risk from verbal abuse, intimidating behaviour or physical violence. Fife Council regards all forms of violence towards employees as unacceptable and is committed to acting to eliminate or reduce risk via safe work practices and (in our Buildings) by safe workplace design.

Work-related violence will be managed by our established risk assessment processes and our employees will be provided with a safe place of work, suitable work equipment and  information, instruction and training appropriate to your job.

The content of Briefing Note (below) must be delivered to all relevant employees along with an opportunity to ask questions and raise relevant issues.

There can be a perception that violence cannot be prevented or is something that just has to be endured. The notion that any form of violence is acceptable will be challenged organisationally, whether it is held by employees, managers, elected members or the public.

Please help us secure our policy objectives of reducing work-related violence by  promptly reporting all incidents of work-related violence, aggression or threat. 

Fife Council operates a "Violent Marker" system to enable information about those rare incidents of a more serious nature which may  pose a continuing and serious threat to other employees. The information within that "Violent Marker" system is subject to data protection requirements and directly accessed by authorised users only. Communication systems are already established in most Council Services* to enable the prompt provision of relevant information to employees (on a 'need to know' basis) likely to be directly affected. Any information you receive in this context must be treated in strictest confidence.

 * Not currently available to ALEOs or Council Trusts.

Additional Information for Managers

 The "how to" video tutorial below describes how Managers set-up a new Violent Marker System user in the LAGAN system. (The Policy and Procedure document below refers.)

How to Request a new User to be set-up in LAGAN



Additional Information for Violent Marker System Users, Members of the Council's Violent Marker Group and Health and Safety Advisers

This FISH topic Information page has additional drop-down information pages (refer to the left-hand column on this page) with specific information for the above employee categories.

Also available via these shortcuts:

Additional Information for Violent Marker System Users

Additional Information for Violent Marker Review Group (VMRG) Members and Administrator

Additional Information for Health and Safety Advisers





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