Driving at Work

Estimates suggest a third of all road traffic accidents in the UK involve somebody who is at work at the time, accounting for over 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries every week.

Occupational driving and on-the-road work activity forms a significant part of the Council’s undertaking. We must manage the associated risks in the same way as any other aspect of our work activities.

Corporate Health and Safety have produces a suite of documents which establishes Fife Council’s specific standards and arrangements associated with safe driving at work, including: 

  • Driving at Work Procedure
  • Driving Authorisation
  • Driving Rules

FIfe Council have contracted a Third Party Company, Licence Check Limited (LCL)  to carry out driving licence checks.  The System used by LCL to check licences is called DAVIS (Driver And Vehicle Information Solutions). Suporting documentation for using DAVIS is given below.

Please note that forms (OHS-C-28.F2) "Driving for Fife Council: Authorisation Form for non-employees" and "Employee Driver Declaration Record (OHS-C-28.F3) have been withdrawn as DAVIS is being introduced within Services. 

Please contact the Corporate Health and Safety Team (see below) if you have any driver authorisation issues in the interim.



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