Employee Health & Wellbeing


The Employee Health and Wellbeing topic provides some insightful information on how to look after ourselves better and stay mentally healthy at work.  A range of topics are listed down the left hand side, please click on each to read what is covered and see links and/or attachments at the bottom of each page for further information.


 The Useful Links page provides helpful sources of information. 

Below are some useful links that you will find on these pages and under attendance management. We have an Fife Council's Employee Wellbeing Handbook which provides a list of useful organisations and resources in relation to wellbeing topics.


Related eLearning

RoSPA Handling Workplace Stress 2019 v2 https://fifecouncil.learningnexus.co.uk/enrol/index.php?id=432

RoSPA: Handling Stress at Work - A Guide for Managers https://fifecouncil.learningnexus.co.uk/enrol/index.php?id=389

Mentally Healthy Workplaces https://fifecouncil.learningnexus.co.uk/enrol/index.php?id=363

Diversity, Equality and Discrimination https://docs.learningnexus.co.uk/resource_link_docs/de01/de01-factsheet.pdf

Avoiding and Dealing With Disability Discrimination http://docs.learning-cloud.net/resource_link_docs/de06/de06-factsheet.pdf



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