Workforce Change


‘Changing and empowering our workforce’

The Council must start making fundamental changes to deliver the required savings over coming years.  Some of these decisions will mean we will have to continue to reduce our workforce, but as ever this will be done consensually wherever possible.

What is clear, is that all of us must start to work together differently and be as efficient and effective as possible.

How do we help make this happen?

  • Through effective workforce planning – thinking ahead to meet future needs.
  • Through good organisational design – making sure that our structures are efficient and support the delivery of Service outcomes and aims.
  • Managing workforce reductions creatively through redeployment, vacancy management, redundancy, early/flexible retirement or contractual change.
  • Enabling people to work flexibly, in terms of what they do and where they work.
  • Making sure that people have the right skills that meet the needs of the job.
  • Empowering our people to make decisions and deliver the best results for our customers.


While doing this we must ensure that our people understand the need for change and, for those most affected by the change, that they are well supported.  Therefore, as we continue to reduce the size of our workforce we will:

  • Reduce the workforce in a planned way over time
  • Seek alternatives to redundancy where possible (for example redeployment, flexible retirement)
  • Manage reductions consensually wherever possible
  • Ensure that those most affected by the change are supported
  • Manage the costs associated with workforce change tightly


Working with the Trade Unions

We meet regularly to discuss the management of workforce change.

You will find a list of Trade Union contacts here


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