Digital (Photography)

digital camera This course will provide a basic understanding of the functions, uses and capabilities of a digital camera. Included in the course are portraiture and landscapes.

This course enables participants to develop their skills using a digital camera, gaining basic skills and knowledge to be able to take good digital photographs and develop competence in using the computer software to store, manipulate and print photographs.

Learners can move from this level to intermediate and advanced Digital Photography where learners cover taking photographs, downloading images onto a computer, how to enhance images, archiving and printing.

The course will cover the basics of digital photography at non-certificated level. The class focuses on the use of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.

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Course Information
Age Group Adults
Course Level Introductory
Study Method Part-Time Evening
Equipment Required Digital Camera

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Course Reference DP1
Other Information How to take photographs and use of the PC software

Course Timetable

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Charge Description Cost
10 Week Block (2 class) Levenmouth £75.00