Adult Yoga

Yoga Dru Yoga is based on Hatha Yoga, but also has the benefits of a strong Tai-Chi influence. As well as using classic Yoga postures and breathing techniques, we use a wide variety of sequences which are very calming on the mind and body. Dru Yogas' adage is 'Stillness in Motion' and this is achieved by the use of the sequences, due to the way they stimulate the Chakras and release tension from muscles and joints.

Here are a list of some of the benefits to be gained by practicing Yoga:

Improved fitness
Increased flexibility
Muscle toning and strengthening
Better Posture
Greater Sense of Well-being
Boosting of Self-confidence
Lower Stress Levels
Improved Breathing

Anyone practicing Yoga will gain some, or all, of these benefits, even if you are fit and healthy already. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, no matter how unfit you think you are, or how old you are. In a Yoga class, you work at your own capabilities, and eventually you will see and feel the benefits, both physically and mentally.

Yoga can help people with health issues like Parkinsons, Asthma, Depression, Panic Attacks, to name but a few.

You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try, you might surprise yourself and make some new friends as well.

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Course Information
Age Group Adults
Course Level All
Study Method Part-Time Evening

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Charge Description Cost
Block of 9 x 90 minute classes @ £6.30 per class with Fifestyle Discounts applying £56.70